Bespoke Events

SUJÁN is the place to meet and celebrate, our experiences are crafted to appeal to the connoisseur, the adventurous and those looking for the extraordinary. Defined by our highly personal and creative approach, we are capable of producing memorable events ranging from marriages to family celebrations, private parties to corporate meetings, and brand launches.

With a range of spaces to suit all occasions, we offer a truly bespoke approach to events and gatherings, carefully curated to suit your individual needs. Our destinations are enchanting, elegantly designed and provide breathtaking venues for every occasion.

SUJÁN Rajmahal Palace, in the heart of Jaipur, has a choice of indoor and al fresco venues, perfect for hosting wedding celebrations, family milestones, and brand launches.

SUJÁN The Serai in Jaisalmer is an ideal, secluded, desert getaway to celebrate something private and special. Over the years we have hosted many amazing parties here, including a private New Year’s Eve celebration with over 100 musicians from surrounding villages performing into the night.

Both SUJÁN JAWAI and SUJÁN Sher Bagh have hosted smaller, intimate celebrations from 40th birthdays to anniversaries. These exclusive wilderness destinations allow you to combine the magic of the wild, with safari activities to campfire celebrations. Whatever your reason to celebrate, inspiration comes directly from the destination and we bring that destination to life in spectacular style.

Each and every event we create for our discerning private and corporate guests are highly individual and utterly unique. We understand the power of ideas, theatre and surprise better than anyone. We can create something with you that your guests will remember forever. The perfect locations, breathtaking concepts, exceptional entertainment. The myriad tiny details that make a celebration come alive.