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Established more than half a century ago, Relais & Châteaux is an association of the world’s finest hoteliers, chefs and restaurateurs that has set the standard for excellence in hospitality. Relais & Châteaux has redefined luxury hospitality by emphasising holistic experiences that transport its guests on a sensual journey and introduce them to a truer understanding of the Art of Living. We are immensely proud that all four of our properties in Rajasthan are part of this remarkable association. Mr. Jaisal Singh, Chief Executive, SUJÁN, also serves as Vice President of Relais & Châteaux and is Member of the Executive Committee & Board of Directors.

The Relais & Châteaux Vision

Making a better world through cuisine and hospitality

In a world that is rich in its differences, people from all cultures have always placed importance on two timeless traditions: cuisine and hospitality. Throughout history, these two traditions have contributed to happiness, fellowship and the art of living well: or what the French call “l’art de vivre”. It’s therefore critical to our humanity – if not mankind – that cuisine and hospitality be cherished, preserved and continually revived, ensuring both can always play a role in our capacity to live well together.

For the past two decades, food, cooking and dining have gone through some significant and troubling changes. The actions of many large-scale food producers and dining establishments have had a profoundly negative impact on the health of both our planet and our consumers. As a result, some chefs have embraced the styles and trends imposed by the industry, which are, in truth, inconsistent with the original tenets of our profession. Others have focused more on ostentatious presentation, slipping even further away from the genuine role that cuisine can and should play in our lives.

At Relais & Châteaux, we strive to be true artisans and representatives of the restaurant and hotel trade. We see ourselves as both heirs and gatekeepers of not only the rich cultural history of hospitality around the world, but also the wonderful variety of cuisines within it. As a fellowship, as a family of chefs, hoteliers and restaurateurs, we have made a conscious choice to be true to the mission bestowed upon us: to preserve and share true culinary techniques and to eschew shortcuts that diminish excellence. For it is through this use of authentic methods and ingredients that we are able to truly share all that is good and beautiful in this world. For it is through these practices and beliefs that we truly express and enrich our humanity. This strong emotion of taste, however, does not exist on its own nor does it spring solely from the plate. Rather, it is deeply connected to one’s surroundings and an authentic and generous welcome into them. This fundamental realisation is the foundation on which we build our commitment to supporting cuisine and hospitality and, through this commitment, making the world better for future generations.

Relais & Châteaux is defined by the values it shares with its members throughout the world.

  • A local anchor: Our properties are the living expression of a place, its history, environment and culture.
  • The human aspect: The Relais & Châteaux spirit lies not only in the respect shown towards one's hosts and colleagues, but also towards the men and women who evolve around our properties and embody the places and cultures they are part of.
  • Sharing: Every Maître de Maison conveys his or her passion to our customers.
  • Commitment: Relais & Châteaux Members help to enrich the history of cuisine and hospitality.

The experiences one has at Relais & Châteaux properties give one the feeling of total immersion in a place and its culture, allowing them to be discovered from up close with all that they have to offer. The attentiveness and sincerity of our team give you a sense of enjoyment that comes paired with respect for every person's privacy, all through a warm and privileged relationship.

At Relais & Châteaux, we know that others share these beliefs and have similar humanitarian goals, and we wish to work with them to support a mission focused on three key areas:

The Relais & Châteaux commitments

To preserve the diversity of cuisines and hospitality in this world so that future generations can know and share in their richness

Relais & Châteaux are stewards of our global culinary heritage. Together we work to preserve the precious nature of the earth’s bounty. We celebrate and pave the way for tomorrow’s cuisines through our creativity, responsibility and commitment. The men and women who cook with us are trained to apply our golden rule: to offer a cuisine that is in harmony with the geographic location of each Relais & Châteaux property and that respects and reflects seasonal products. We have joined forces with farmers and fishermen to protect the harvest of humanity and be guardians of the biodiversity of our planet. Above all, we protect and promote the rich diversity of the many different cuisines and elements of hospitality throughout this world, seeing them both as somewhat intangible but still valuable assets of our humanity and our cultural heritage.

  1. Offer a cuisine that is representative of local traditions and environments and reflects their global diversity.
  2. Receive guests in a way that respects the individuality of each Relais & Châteaux property location, landscape, décor, and its unique way of good living and fine dining.
  3. Welcome guests as friends, in an atmosphere where the host Relais & Châteaux property share its passion for “living well”.
  4. Initiate strong relationships with local farmers and fishermen and develop a Conservatory that protects and promotes biodiversity.
  5. Encourage responsible fishing to protect the biodiversity of the oceans.
  6. Contribute to renew natural resources by reducing food waste and using seasonal products locally sourced.
  7. Limit the environmental impact of Relais & Châteaux properties with regards to energy, water and waste by employing the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) system of checks.
  8. Associate the finest tastes with nutrition and health to show our guests how fine “cuisine” and well-being go hand in hand.
  9. Develop a system for training young people in each region in the art of good taste, food preparation and service.
  10. Be part of the regional culinary culture and share our knowledge to teach and enrich the Food Arts as part of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity and as the 10th Art Form.

Share our passion for all that is good and beautiful in this world

The Relais & Châteaux family strives to share what is beautiful, good and unique by creating moments for our guests that are not just a luxury reserved for the elite, but a treasure to be shared with anyone who cares about and wants to feel a part of the world around them. We cultivate and share this value with many different communities - small farmers and producers in our regions who are all too often isolated or ignored; hundreds of young apprentices whom we welcome into this world and to whom we proudly pass along our trade and the understanding and skills associated with it; and our employees, with whom we are united and from whom our ambition and passions truly shine.

  1. Sign contracts with small local producers who supply our restaurants, offering them an appropriate price allowing them to grow their products without chemicals or GMO, avoid overproduction and the depletion of natural resources.
  2. Set up a plan to train the young in the spirit of the “artisan journeymen” where they can learn the skills our professionals use daily throughout the world.
  3. Give our personnel good working conditions and salaries that allow them to achieve the level of excellence of Relais & Châteaux so they become our ambassadors everywhere they go.
  4. Develop “The art of taking care and being attentive to someone’s needs and desires” by conveying, in a personal way, our pleasure to serve, making the experience at Relais & Châteaux a unique, fulfilling and inspiring moment.
  5. Create relationships with local authorities to participate in the planning and initiation of programs for local development.

To work together to create a more humane world

Our ambition for every Relais & Châteaux property is that each experience be an inspiration for our guests, our suppliers, our staff and our local partners. Together, we can craft and create a new and more humane world: one that is more sensitive and attentive to the essential aspects of dining, warmth and welcome, which are the foundations of a more peaceful and open society. We join in this movement with our partners who feel as we do, believing it is a cause that is worth fighting for and supporting each day. While we all have individual responsibilities, our collective commitment is to move forward together on a shared, long-term venture to deploy our 20 commitments for cuisine and hospitality and to promote the “Arts de vivre” as the true 10th Art.

  1. Participate in the promotion of manual jobs, which stress the importance and value of working with one’s hands, allowing young people to realize professional goals.
  2. Explain these 20 principles to our clients so that they can improve the way they plan their holidays, in a responsible manner.
  3. Invest locally to help communities unite the cultural and practical links between the city and the countryside.
  4. Create global alliances, starting at the local level, between people working with different means but sharing the same objectives (to diminish food waste, develop local and sustainable food production, maintain biodiversity).
  5. Share the Vision among the owners of Relais & Châteaux, chefs, dining and hotel staff and wine experts, and ensure through local and international events, that our actions and our words contribute to make the world a better place through cuisine and hospitality » and to recognize the Arts de vivre as the 10th Art.

Download the Relais & Châteaux Vision in English and in French here.