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The SUJÁN Life, means conservation first!

The Zeiss Wildlife Conservation Awards recognise extraordinary efforts and initiatives for the cause of wildlife conservation. This year, SUJÁN is proud to be among the winners of this prestigious and acclaimed award for the conservation initiatives and community development at SUJÁN JAWAI.

From it’s inception at the end of 2013 to nearly five years later, JAWAI has immersed itself into the life of its local community. Alongside our hotel operations, JAWAI runs a full time monitoring, anti-poaching and research programme that is dedicated to innovative and best global practices to protect our wildernesses. Conservation efforts remain at the heart of all our operations. This begins with addressing the needs of communities living around wilderness areas.

From the SUJÁN Archives

Photograph by Anjali Singh

This week we bring you some images that capture the spirit of conservation tourism at SUJÁN JAWAI, as the camp is poised to pick up yet another wildlife conservation award!

Photograph by Yusuf Ansari

From the SUJÁN Archives

From the SUJÁN Archives

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