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This week as the monsoon has begun to arrive in Rajasthan we look up to the skies in hope that the rain gods will shower some heavy blessings across these lands and spread relief for all those who rely on their waters. The monsoon rains here in India have been one of the most popular themes of many a great Indian poets, authors and song writers. One of the...
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Entries with Months and Years April-2018 .


Through the dense jungle canopy, we were lucky enough to watch two of T19’s cubs. Coming onto a year old, these cubs have been a joy to...

On 30 Apr 2018

My love affair with the wild is likely the longest one I’ve ever had –beginning at age 3 – and possibly will ever have. As a frequent...

On 20 Apr 2018

This week we look at some images from around Ranthambhore National Park, as summer begins to engulf northern and central India. Though...

On 13 Apr 2018

A surprise visit. A 13 year old dominant male leopards surprises our guests with a visit having been AWOL for about a year. Photograph by...

On 06 Apr 2018