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Into the New Year and Ranthambhore seems to have come alive with promises foretold. Dispersing tigers, ungulates in their dazzling winter morphs and a host of birds – migratory and resident – all go to demonstrate that the forest is flourishing. At Sher Bagh, successive guests, some expert photographers among them, have had an incredible run at capturing this moving...
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There’s something special and rewarding about cooking and eating what you have grown in your own back garden. Our Organic Herb and Vegetable...

On 29 Jun 2018

This week Rajiv, our Head Chef at SUJÁN Rajmahal Palace reveals one of his favourite summer salad recipes that’s proving very popular with our...

On 16 Jun 2018

Our Founders & Owners Jaisal and Anjali Singh are part of an entrepreneurial tradition that goes back 130 years. As scions of India’s...

On 01 Jun 2018

A surprise visit. A 13 year old dominant male leopards surprises our guests with a visit having been AWOL for about a year. Photograph by...

On 06 Apr 2018

Living in the bush gives you a lot of time to wonder and ponder on your work, life and the world in general! It was one of those busy days...

On 09 Mar 2018

I embarked on my first India trip with a focus befitting my Africa travel roots: wildlife and wilderness, tribal culture, and music. By the...

On 09 Feb 2018

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